Sporting Days Farm March H.T. II(Mar 2023) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Albright, JustyneFCS WinningMoodTHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 15
Armstrong, ArabelleRequiem In ColorSTARTAccepted
Aulbach, Alyssa RoseSimply SmashingBNRAccepted
Aulbach, JulianaLove Sick KittenTRAccepted
Bales, ElizabethPippinSTARTAccepted
Barlow, Lily A.Fake StartTHAccepted
Barlow, Lily A.Ripper MagooOBNAccepted
Barr, CiaraBilly AvonTHAccepted
Barrera, CadenFooled YouONAccepted
Beaver, KellyExcel Star PlutoPRAccepted
Beaver, SethExcel Star JupiterNRAccepted
Bell, SamanthaHandful of CrystalOTAccepted
Bell, SamanthaSaracenOBNAccepted
Berkowitz, SarahDecision TimeNRAccepted
Bertuna, KathleenExcel Star HarryI-CTAccepted
Beshear, Emily MastervichRio de JanerioNCAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 19
Brennan, KristenSnap DecisionOBNAccepted
Brennan, LizzieHoly CityNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 13
Brock, MacieWindchase AndromedaTRAccepted
Bucior, ZoeyBombs AwaySTARTAccepted
Bunt, AmyInner GhostSTARTAccepted
Burchianti, BrookeSaleasONAccepted
Burgess, AbigailPunching BagNRAccepted
Burgess, KristineFireflyONAccepted
Bush, HeatherBond 007PHAccepted
Bush, HeatherGoldeneye 007ONAccepted
Carmichael, ElenaTake FlightNRAccepted
Cascarino, AverySan SukiTRAccepted
Cascarino, AveryExcel Star Quidam's CavalierNRAccepted
Casey, MollyGuardianNRAccepted
Centeno, AbbigailMiss MoneypennyNRAccepted
Chadderton, KateCrescenda OBNAccepted
Ciampaglione, AnnaSavannahOBNAccepted
Ciampaglione, AnnaWishful ThinkingONAccepted
Clark, KaitlinSLE Happy HourTRAccepted
Connelly, MorganBenevolenceOTAccepted
Connelly, MorganReposado WGONAccepted
Connelly, MorganFireFlyTHAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderLexington IIOTAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderAmoreOTAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderFE Lions DarcoONAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderRickyOTAccepted
Conrad, AlexanderSachemONAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Mr. De MuzeONAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Touch the Sky ONAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star DouglasOBNAccepted
Cooper, CourtneyExcel Star Razzle DazzleOBNAccepted
Coutley, RaymondKolor Me GoneONAccepted
Coutley, RaymondNavier StokesONAccepted
Cracknell, MadelineWild AffairTRAccepted
Craft, IsabellaClassic EndeavorTRAccepted
Davis, Mary BessMendelssohnONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 8Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessMoniusPHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 9Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessImperio MagicNCAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 7Triple Creek Eventing
Davis, Mary BessGalteemores NormanONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 6Triple Creek Eventing
Dellangelo, ReeseOur Golden ChanceNRAccepted
Dicesare, JulianaA Berry Rowdy BoyNCAccepted
Downing, DanielleCaribe PCHTHAccepted
Dwyer, KevinEl CachorroONAccepted
Eastman-Lawler, AlisonSara BellaOBNAccepted
Eastman-Lawler, AlisonScarlettOBNAccepted
Edinger, LisaQuinto QuestTRAccepted
Ennis, JulesOBOS ImphernoTHAccepted
Epping, JeannaFlagmount's BransonONAccepted
Fairchild, LeeBustics BusterPRAccepted
Fox, JenniferGallowayOBNAccepted
Friend, AnabelleTater Cz'aladONAccepted
Fulton, StephenPadi's Celtic MeasureNRAccepted
Gill, RachaelChance for LovePHAccepted
Golden, ValerieSimeonTOC-SAccepted
Goodwin, JeffToo TipsyONAccepted
Grosenbaugh, DebSchrodinger's KittenBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 10Triple Creek Eventing
Hagen, KelleyNoir BlancoSTARTAccepted
Hahn, ShilohTry MeSTARTAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 26Nagrodsky
Hall, KathrynCloud AtlasSTARTAccepted
Harris, LoganOmnipotent OPAccepted
Harsch, Mary CarolTheodore alCodaNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 12Triple Creek Eventing
Head, LibbyFelix FelicisONAccepted
Head, LibbyFilly GumboPTAccepted
Head, LibbyFace ValuePTAccepted
Head, LibbyNormandy SeaOBNAccepted
Hornsby, SydneyMaple Springs Deps GageNRAccepted
Huggins, MalloryLincolnTRAccepted
Hurtig, MarkStuart LittleNRAccepted
Hutcheson, Anna RoseF for FortuneTRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 4Triple Creek Eventing
Ingraham, LeeAnnTrump CardBNRAccepted
Johnson, MorgynPeter Parker GSPRAccepted
Jungling, BryceIn Living ColorSTARTAccepted
Keilty, KristinaBest of BroadwayBNRAccepted
Kinmon, AutumnPOPSTAROBNAccepted
Klein, KelseyForever Faithful FellaSTARTAccepted
Kuchta, MikkiSemore SmokePHAccepted
Ladwig, AdaleeNelson John Sir MOBNAccepted
Ladwig, AdaleeVictoria Secret MSFOBNAccepted
Lafleur-Lovegrove, JudithDGE Swipe RightBNRAccepted
Leber, Colette A.Fernhill Candy Time OBNAccepted
Leibeck, Riley5o1 Tin ManTRAccepted
Lindsay, CarlaTake NoteNRAccepted
Luke, MargoIron DomeTHAccepted
Marinovich-Burdick, MeaghanRiviera LuOPAccepted
Marquis, EllaFinely brewedOPAccepted
Marth, KristinaSevern StarlightOTAccepted
Mason, EvaHigh Roller (Roman)TRAccepted
Mathias, LornaWorth the WaitOTAccepted
Maxian, JaxMilo DiamondPRAccepted
McKim, NatielWindsorOBNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 14
McPeek, JennaRCA Royal SplendorOBNAccepted
Merchant, NathanExcel Star Gentleman JackOBNAccepted
Miller, BridgetteDanika HHFOBNAccepted
Mulholland, JenniferCasanovaPTAccepted
Murray, BrieFernhill Ranga TangaONAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 5Triple Creek Eventing
Nagrodsky, CarolineOptimusBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 25Nagrodsky
Natelli, KaelinBack the BlueBNRAccepted
Nice, MelissaBe My Macho ManONAccepted
Nice, MelissaGATE SPEEDSTARTAccepted
Novik, NadiaDartfield's OneNRAccepted
ONeal, CharlotteOut of This WorldBNRAccepted
Paniccia, EmilyCorona With LimeBNRAccepted
Parker, KatlynMr. ReinigTRAccepted
Parker, SamanthaGive Romance a ChanceTHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 2Big Oak
Peloquin, AmyCalicia ZTRAccepted
Perkins, KylaB.E. Peanut OBNAccepted
Phillips, ShellyCash MoneyBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 1Big Oak
Pifer, JulieMagnific C'ImaginationONAccepted
Plumb, CassieExcel Star Briarhill PopONAccepted
Plumb, CassieMatildaOBNAccepted
Read, NancyClassic Chrome PCHNRAccepted
Rietveld, LauraGods of EgyptONAccepted
Riney, MartyGeorge AlexanderPRAccepted
Riney, MartyHipHopOBNAccepted
Riney, MartyHunter O'RileyOTAccepted
Risso, ErinBaytown TroubleOBNAccepted
Rodgers, JenniferAC Graphite De VainsTHAccepted
Roy, PaigeGalway FawnOBNAccepted
Roy, PaigeSunnyvale LassOTAccepted
Sackler, CherylPresto GWFONAccepted
Samson, JuliaGung HoSTARTAccepted
Schabert, JessicaKaiko HdSNRAccepted
Schabert, JessicaRiddles In The DarkOBNAccepted
Scherrens, JenniferFigmentOBNAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 27River Mist
Scherrens, JenniferI Solemnly Swear......OBNAcceptedCheckY - Show Barn 28River Mist
Schwartz, SamanthaRumble FishNRAccepted
Sigsbee, JoaElusive SecretOBNAccepted
Simonson, SusanAce of HeartsNRAccepted
Slade, MeaghanWinter-Gold MMHSTARTAccepted
Smith, ChloeBooZe CruZeNRAccepted
Smith, EmilyAddaboyOTAccepted
Smith, EmilyTuckerONAccepted
Solomon, ClaireOver The MoonTRAccepted
Spatt, JuliaUptown FunkPTAccepted
Speck, KaelenCheckwithmeTHAccepted
Stewart, TiffanyCrimson CloverBNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceY - Show Barn 3Triple Creek Eventing
Taylor, HannahCayr Della CacciaOTAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 20
Taylor, NicoleAvalonOBNAccepted
Tessler, JakeFernhill Focus MaxiTRAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 16Tessler
Tilbury, LauraCaptain JackBNRAccepted
Trigilio, SydneyBruno BesteSTARTAccepted
Tuma, KathrynHooked on CooleySTARTAccepted
Tuohey, DorothyAutumn RhythmBNRAccepted
Vennemann, TanyaRileyTRAccepted
Westmoreland, KatherineMIschevious DanBNRAccepted
Wildasin, Arden FosterAPOGEEOPAccepted
Wildasin, Arden FosterLoboOTAccepted
Wildasin, Arden FosterSunday TimesOPAccepted
Wildasin, Arden FosterWanamaOTAccepted
Wilson, ShannonNoonsightBNRAccepted
Wood, RyanExcel Star WildwoodONAccepted
Wood, RyanExcel Star HeartthrobONAccepted
Wood, RyanCastle CavalierTHAccepted
Wood, RyanKiltubrid HarleyONAccepted
Wood, RyanFernhill DominoOTAccepted
Zetlmeisl, JuliaOn A WhimSTARTAccepted
Zgutowicz, CollinsJustin TimeBNRAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 17Tessler
Zgutowicz, MadisonMy ValentineNRAcceptedOtherY - Show Barn 18Tessler
Zito, LauraBlack MarketSTARTAccepted

Division Entries
BNRBeginner Novice Rider16
I-CTIntermediate CT1
NCNon Compete Horse3
NRNovice Rider21
OBNOpen Beginner Novice29
ONOpen Novice29
OPOpen Preliminary5
OTOpen Training14
PHPreliminary Horse4
PRPreliminary Rider5
THTraining Horse11
TOC-STest of Choice - Small Arena1
TRTraining Rider16